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Our Story

Figure began by humanizing brand stories, creating engaging, story-based content for the world to see. Our work was well received, our clients were happy but something was missing… 

The audience. 

We saw these collaborative pieces of work parked online in places where the audience wasn’t. The audience was being pulled in multiple directions with cluttered marketing and a lack of concise messaging.   

So we stepped back.  We looked at our clients as a whole and thought how can we help? The big picture became clear.  

We developed branding workshops and messaging strategies to help our clients reduce their marketing clutter and set a new stage for their audience. Then we grew that audience using our experience to build engaging creative campaigns over a variety of platforms. As these audiences grew, so did our expertise. 

We have spent years developing our craft. A craft that comes from the variety of people we work with from all different backgrounds and stripes. It is this melting pot of ideas, inspiration, and creativity that fuels our mission to provide forward thinking creativity upon which great ideas flourish.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide forward thinking creativity and an organized structure upon which great ideas flourish.

Be the figure of your success. Go Figure.

Matt Bardocz
Founder, CEO | Figure

fig – ure
1. Be a significant and noticeable part in a situation or event: he figured largely in opposition to the bill.
2. Calculate or work out
3. Informal think, consider, or expect to be the case: I figure that wearing a suit makes you look like a bank clerk.
4. Represent (something) in a diagram or picture: varieties of this Cape genus are figured from drawings made there.